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Changes Coming to Kenrick Site Plan Stymie TIF Commission Inquiries

By Andrew Dana Hudson

“With an audience of more than two dozen watching, representatives of planning consultants PGAV, developer G. J. Grewe and Shrewsbury city officials gathered Wednesday to answer questions from the TIF commission about the proposed $48.9 million Kenrick redevelopment and the cost-benefit analysis. Despite having received the questions in writing after the last meeting, however, special […]

Where Our Money is Going


FoxBusiness published some information today based on recent figures from the Census Bureau. Stunning information abounds in the first few slides. The top three cities in the United States for per capita income are in the Washington D.C. area. The top three! The wealthiest group of people in our country do not reside in Hollywood, […]

A Vision for Education

vision for missouri public education

As a school board member I am bombarded with information, statistics and acronyms. These are the products of our current system of education. There are those that see this and assume that the system is broken. They assume it needs to be discarded and thrown away. After actually getting involved instead of assuming, I have […]



When we hear the term entitlement, many of us automatically think of welfare and government checks. We have an image of people living in delapidated housing, drinking too much and buying cupcakes with their unearned money. This may be representative of a small percentage of those receiving government help, but we are fools if we […]

We Must Find the Balance

Capital Building

More and more we are a country run by extremists. We flop from Democratic to Republican leaders every few elections and the two parties are becoming more extreme every year. Part of this is driven by the media, requiring something to be titillating before they will report it. The sensationalism drives us to a place where […]

Kenrick Analysis Sees $87+ Mil Sales, $1 Mil Taxes for Shrewsbury

kenrick site plan

“After several aborted sessions, the Shrewsbury TIF Commission met Wednesday to hear a presentation by Peckham Guyton Albers Viets (PGAV) planners on their cost/benefit analysis of the proposed Kenrick Plaza redevelopment. According to the presentation by Associate Director Andy Struckhoff, PGAV projects that the proposed development would bring in $87.8 million in revenue within the first 12 months of […]