My family and I reside in Crestwood, an inner suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. My two oldest are now married and building careers and family. 2014 saw the arrival of two lovely grandchildren. My youngest is in the final stages of college and has successfully navigated engineering school. I continue to build Oasis Digital, both custom software and training. I am currently in my third term on the Affton Board of Education and I am currently serving as Vice-Chair of the board at Education Plus.

The names we give ourselves and each other are typically inconsistent and biased at best. At their worst these names can be damaging and divisive. They can also fill us with pride and blind us to what is going on around us. I have been called by many titles and labels in my career, some of these include:

  1. Friend
  2. President
  3. Father
  4. Coach
  5. Director
  6. Brother
  7. Deacon
  8. Sir
  9. Technologist
  10. Engineer
  11. Nerd
  12. Geek
  13. Entrepreneur
  14. Leader
  15. Executive
  16. Philanthropist
  17. Rescuer
  18. Husband
  19. Uncle
  20. Mentor
  21. Author
  22. Sports Fan
  23. Hunter
  24. Scoutmaster

There have been quite a few others that were less than flattering, no need to list those here. Many of these titles are something of an accomplishment and are nice to have as a part of your life. The question I began to ask myself a number of years ago was this; How do you want to be known? 100 years from now if your name is mentioned what do you want to be remembered? I have boiled it down to a few very simple things I truly want to be known for.

  • Loving God
  • Loving others more than myself
  • A Father to the fatherless
These may sound trite and strange to some, and I understand that. This is my “about” page and this is what I am about.