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Time Keeps on Ticking…

Gandalf: Three hundred lives of men I have walked this earth, and now I have no time! JRR Tolkien Over the last six months this quote has kept me laughing at my own plight. Last year we decided to expand the training business within our company. We had been very successful using our expertise to […]

A Hunting Comedy


I love Fall when it comes every year, not just for the leaves, the cool air, and the holidays. I love Fall because it is the one time of year I get to spend substantial time in the woods hunting. These times, I have learned, are very important for my health and mental well being. […]

Refreshment is More Than Rest


I spent this weekend at my parents’ farm for deer season, and it was unusually poignant for me. I had the opportunity to spend time alone and with others in productive and restorative ways. I would like to share these experiences to encourage and to illuminate. Often we get stuck in our ruts (no pun […]

High Productivity for the Creative Brain


I was fortunate to come across two articles on work and life about the same time. There are times when one concept combined with another becomes a powerful statement about life: a compounding result that leaves you feeling empowered and with a new level of understanding. That was my experience when two different friends pointed […]

Working While I Walk


Due to some back issues I have been left with a bizarre reality that affects my work and other aspects of my life. My back pain varies radically between sitting, standing, sleeping and walking. Sitting is the most severe pain that I experience, closely followed by standing still. Pain is still significant while lying down […]

Avoiding The Angst


I believe I am personally called to “Love God” and to “Love Others”. This is a personal conviction I have and one I sincerely hope I have instilled in my children. This calling is lived out in many ways. In loving or helping other people it is very easy to go too far and connect […]