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The Dark Secret


It often frustrates me that we are unwilling to talk about the dark struggles we have as people. Typically it is some sort of addictive behavior that we desperately want to escape from, yet we do not want anyone to know. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble but we all have struggled with some behavior that […]

Crimes Against Children


I continue to be shocked by an article I noticed on the internet yesterday. A couple in California is giving their child hormone blockers at the age of 11. There is not a medical need, no known genetic defects, and a history of psychological problems. Their reason is he needs more time to decide whether […]

Creation’s Healing Power


Recently I have really been a bit down and almost depressed. I have been somewhat ineffective in my work, strong stresses within my school board, and some family issues all had me discouraged. It was very tempting to just sit in a dark room and read, watch tv and just basicly “cave”. A very male […]

Joplin Relief Effort


We had the opportunity to go to Joplin, Missouri in late June to assist with the cleanup of debris caused by a powerful F5 Tornado. Eleven of us went to be available for whatever jobs needed to be done. The damage there is overwhelming, photos and video do not share the scope or the utter […]