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Who invented the tablet?


My article titled “Who really invented the Smartphone“, posted a year ago continues to draw a lot of traffic. I thought it might be appropriate to tackle the newest member of geekdom to garner public fascination, the tablet. It really surprises me when I see very educated people blindly associating invention with whatever is currently […]

A Step Up


It will come as no surprise that I work for a living (In a future post I will outline this work in some detail). It was with great joy that I tackled the job of selecting a new laptop to do this wonderful work with. Some people love cigars, others love dogs, I happen to […]

Tablet Computing In The Real World


Over the years I have owned many tablets. My collection has included one of the original Toshiba 386 Windows 3.1 pen based tablets. Circa 2001 I owned an Electrovaya Scribbler tablet that yielded ten solid hours of use per charge. Both the Thinkpad and Fujitsu Tablet PC’s have been used and abused in my hands […]

The Application Age


Ok, I will admit it, I am completely geeked out right now. I just downloaded the alpha version of the BlueStacks Android app player for windows. Running my android apps on Win 7 is really intriguing to me because it amplifies a perspective I have held for some time. Our lives are no longer defined […]