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A Study in Humility Phase 3

Comedy And Tragedy

In ten days we will embark on a trip we have dreamed of for most of our lives. We will be in Europe for a month visiting Scotland, England, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, and France. All in that order. It will be an intense time and I can only conjecture what God has planned […]

A Study in Humility Phase 2


Back in 2011, when I started converging my writings in a blog, I felt it was important to start off with a focus on humility. The years since have been fascinating. Looking back I can see some areas in which I have grown. I am also able to see more clearly aspects of my life […]

Refusing To Be A god, part II

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Refusing To Be A god, part I  Check out this article by Rick Reilly on ESPN.com. This young man, Tim Tebow, deserves our respect and support if only 25% of this story is true. I am not talking about rooting for the Denver Broncos in some silly football game. I am talking about supporting a […]

Refusing To Be A god


You did not have to be a Cardinals fan to enjoy the game last night. Game 3 in the World Series, and one of the best players ever to play simply takes over the game. What a joy to watch and what an example of humility followed. We watched him with intent focus dismantle three […]

A Study in Humility


  I have always bristled at the thought of a personal blog or site feeling it was arrogant self promotion. Even when receiving consistent encouragement for many years to share my thoughts, I have stubbornly refused to do so. I realize there is benefit in the humility that comes from experience, it was hard for […]