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Stick Computers, Fact and Fiction


I have been both excited and amused at the recent product releases surrounding microcomputers. The definition of a microcomputer for my purposes is a fully functional PC the size of a traditional USB drive. While there are a number of devices on the market, they can be boiled down to two. These are the Cotton […]

Tablet Computing In The Real World


Over the years I have owned many tablets. My collection has included one of the original Toshiba 386 Windows 3.1 pen based tablets. Circa 2001 I owned an Electrovaya Scribbler tablet that yielded ten solid hours of use per charge. Both the Thinkpad and Fujitsu Tablet PC’s have been used and abused in my hands […]

Who really invented the Smartphone?


Here on the 20th anniversary of the first smartphone, I thought it appropriate to write about the long revised history of one this cultures most used tools. This funny little device many of use every day, the smartphone, is considered by some to be “my precious”. To whom do we owe the gratitude for this […]

Smartphones Tomorrow


My smartphone journey   was a real trip down a geeky memory lane. It was also a reminder of lessons learned and ways to spot innovations doomed to failure. We can use the success and failure of past products to predict new and future product performance. Economic, political and other business factors can influence the […]

My Smartphone Journey (Part Three)


This is part three of a three part article, you can read part one and part two  T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur) When one uses Windows on all his computers, relies on Outlook for email, and Office for all documents, its only natural to have Windows Mobile on your phone right? Well that is where I was […]