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Beware of Prototyping


There are many threats to a successful software development project. While prototyping seems on the surface to be a 100% wholesome and good thing, it does need to be used wisely and be properly qualified, or it can become one of those threats. Like other aspects of project development, prototyping needs to be done well […]

What Education is getting Right


If you read my writings you know I am passionate about this upcoming generation. I personally invest in them as I have the opportunity. I also serve our public education system as an elected board member. There are many critics of the public schools, I would like to focus on what I see them doing […]

A Study in Humility Phase 2


Back in 2011, when I started converging my writings in a blog, I felt it was important to start off with a focus on humility. The years since have been fascinating. Looking back I can see some areas in which I have grown. I am also able to see more clearly aspects of my life […]

High Productivity for the Creative Brain


I was fortunate to come across two articles on work and life about the same time. There are times when one concept combined with another becomes a powerful statement about life: a compounding result that leaves you feeling empowered and with a new level of understanding. That was my experience when two different friends pointed […]

New Hints of Class Warfare


I was heading north from West Palm Beach on the Florida Turnpike–possibly the epicenter of American vacationland. This artery begins in orange groves, touches upon Orlando and Disney, and extends almost to the Everglades, providing access to some of the most extensive beach developments in Florida. Astonishingly, the tollgates read “Cash Not Accepted” at many […]