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What Is The Right Size For A Phone?


Throughout the last 25 years we have seen some interesting shifts in the dimensions of mobile phones. These changes have really come in 3 basic areas, the chassis, buttons, and screen. I find it interesting that heavy focus on one or the other has led to compromises in the other two areas. This has caused […]

Who invented the Smartwatch?


It is finally time for the next “Who Invented?” installment. This time we will be looking at the history and origin of the Smartwatch. The wearable technology sector is a heavy point of innovation right now partially because of my generation. You can read the previous articles in this series here: Who really invented the […]

Cloud Computing & Business


Over the last few years there has been a raging debate over the intelligence of cloud computing for consumers. With the success of Dropbox, Drive, et al, we see the tide has turned. Consumers are increasingly happy being seamlessly (mostly) connected to their data across their computing platforms (pc, laptop, tablet and smartphone). The current […]

Bicsi 2013

Bicsi 40th

I am heading back from Bicsi 2013 held in Tampa, Florida. It was a really good conference and I have renewed confidence in Bicsi as an organization. This was our fortieth anniversary national conference, and the staff did a great job without going over the top. I have been a member since 1994 and received […]