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Even The Rocks Cry Out!

WW1 Memorial Installation at the Tower of London

The past 24 hours have left me stunned. I have marveled at how life comes back. There was a time a decade ago that I did not have any wealth, no company, not many friends, family was distant, church relationship broken, health was at a low, and my family was without even a home. Today, […]

Professional Christians


In building my current business venture I was revisiting some of the business culture writings I have read in the past. I have been pushing my staff to be professionals, to focus on goals and results instead of rote tasks. To understand the overall objective and achieve it, to look for success in serving our […]

A Very Personal Relationship

Jefferson Bible

After reading an article in this October’s Smithsonian1 magazine my mind has been racing with the truth woven in the fabric of its subject matter. The article was on Jefferson’s Bible and the points touched upon are profound to me. Jefferson is obviously recognized as a founding father of our country, he is memorialized and […]