St. George School Children Get Tuition Break For Affton Early Childhood Center

“The families whose children attend the soon-to-close St. George Early Childhood Center on Heege Road will gain a tuition break, should they continue to enroll them in the new Affton Early Childhood Education Center.

In February, the Affton Board of Education announced it was considering some changes to the initial tuition schedule it had established in November in response to feedback from the public.

Last week, the board voted on a new tuition schedule that gives particular consideration to families that have been using the existing early-childhood education system run through St. George School in cooperation with the Special School District.

Tuition rates are set as follows:

  • Five full days per week, $5,937.50 per year;
  • Three full days per week, $3,619.50 per year;
  • Two full days per week, $2,555.50 per year;
  • Four half-days per week, $2,137.50 per year;
  • Two half-days per week, $1,076.50 per year.

Additional fees apply for before- and after-care services, if desired. The new fees represented a considerable jump over those at the St. George School.

“In an effort to lessen the impact of increased tuition rates on families currently enrolled in the program at St. George, it is proposed the rates be adjusted as follows for the 2012-2013 school year: $90 per month for the two half-days per week program (and) $180 per month for the four half-days per week program,” stated Superintendent Steve Brotherton in a memo to the board.

He added the change should balance the rate structure for family groups least likely to secure financial aid from external sources.

Kim Manns, administrative aide for the early-childhood education program, said the new school that will open this fall is more than 75-percent full in terms of enrollment, though she declined to give an exact number.

“It’s doing very well. We have some slots remaining, but they are filling up,” Manns said.”

Printed in the South County Times on March 30, 2012

Article by Joe Leicht

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