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Early Budget Projects Positive Balance


Tech upgrades on hold pending state formula answers “The Affton School District’s ambitious five-year plan to upgrade technology balances finely on the $2 million or so it receives from the state, which is currently tinkering with the funding formula for public education. As a result, the board of education has put together a preliminary, “worst-case […]

St. George School Children Get Tuition Break For Affton Early Childhood Center

“The families whose children attend the soon-to-close St. George Early Childhood Center on Heege Road will gain a tuition break, should they continue to enroll them in the new Affton Early Childhood Education Center. In February, the Affton Board of Education announced it was considering some changes to the initial tuition schedule it had established […]

The Fight is Worth It, Right?


As adults we all have issues we struggle with. For some it is really obvious, substance abuse, laziness, abusive behavior, etc. For others it is very internal, lack of self-esteem, inability to form meaningful relationships, loneliness, etc. I have never met an adult that did not have some weakness or struggle, and if they said […]