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Tablet Computing In The Real World


Over the years I have owned many tablets. My collection has included one of the original Toshiba 386 Windows 3.1 pen based tablets. Circa 2001 I owned an Electrovaya Scribbler tablet that yielded ten solid hours of use per charge. Both the Thinkpad and Fujitsu Tablet PC’s have been used and abused in my hands […]

Why Run For School Board?

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In 2009-2010 our local school district went through an extensive process engaging 44 members of the community in building a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan(CSIP). This process, required for accreditation, can either be an investment, creating a substantive and useful tool as it was for us, or simply another bureaucratic pile of paper sitting on a shelf. What […]

Apple the Great!


Market forces bring us to decisions we often would not make on our own. Part of the beauty of our economy and our way of life is the creativity in both business ideas and implementation. Throughout our history men and women have had the opportunity to invent both products and processes. Every once in a […]

Refusing To Be A god, part II

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Refusing To Be A god, part I  Check out this article by Rick Reilly on This young man, Tim Tebow, deserves our respect and support if only 25% of this story is true. I am not talking about rooting for the Denver Broncos in some silly football game. I am talking about supporting a […]

Who really invented the Smartphone?


Here on the 20th anniversary of the first smartphone, I thought it appropriate to write about the long revised history of one this cultures most used tools. This funny little device many of use every day, the smartphone, is considered by some to be “my precious”. To whom do we owe the gratitude for this […]