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Affton ECE Tuition Set; Groundbreaking Dec. 6


“The Affton School Board has set an initial tuition model for the first year of the planned Affton Early Childhood Education Center, opening fall 2012. A slot in the five-day educational program will cost $625 per month, or $5,937.50 for the nine and a half month school year. Before care and after care will cost […]

The High Road and the Low Road


In following technology developments for the last thirty years, its amazing how consistent the trends are and how often they are repeated. I also find it amusing that so many manufacturers do not see the all too obvious pattern. In other words, like many people, they don’t learn from history. In my observation technologies develop […]

Giving Your Intelligence Away

Social Networking

Social networking is now the norm for a majority of Americans. I have talked about some of the relational and social implications of this previously. Living life in the cloud is very convenient, there is a lack of intimacy that is almost numbing. People say things online they would never say in person, and this […]

Why The World Needs Nonsense


It is very easy for adults to take themselves, their opinions, and their work too seriously. There are certainly times for focus, hard work, and determination, but there is a bit more to life. Many people find themselves in professions where they truly impact whether someone lives or dies. Surgeons, Police, Air Traffic Controllers, Firemen, […]

Uncertain State Funding Means Shortfalls for Affton Schools


“With unknown drops in state funding on the horizon, Affton School District officials are reconsidering their budget plans for next year. After falling behind on fully supporting the public school funding formula for several years, Missouri is now looking at different ways to reallocate state money for schools next year—all of which appear to mean budget shortfalls […]