Affton School District Channel Article May 2011

Affton is first and foremost a community. While many communities throughout Saint Louis find their identity through defined city governments, Affton is defined by its people. Affton has only been incorporated for a short time in its history yet it lingers in the minds of this region as a distinct, thriving community. Why?The reputation we have was made by people simply working hard and supporting each other. You can see this still today in the many events and organizations that have been active for generations. If you look, there is something to explore or participate in every weekend of the year in Affton, most of it through the efforts of volunteers.When a community like that entrusts their children to us for their education, we are both honored and burdened with a serious responsibility. We are charged to provide the absolute best education possible. The Affton School District teachers, staff, administration and board take the same ownership in the children of this community that we see modeled by the people of Affton. Through success and tragedy we see this lived out year after year. Our schools rejoice with the success of students and mourn when their lives are cut short. With the graduation of the class of 2011 we see yet another group of promising young people, most of whom were in the district for their entire education. They have learned, laughed, cried, competed, and struggled together for thirteen years under the tutelage of some of the best teachers in the area.It is interesting to see cities and municipalities around us struggling to define themselves and survive as distinct entities. We see similar struggles in surrounding school districts and private schools as budgets tighten and academic growth takes a back seat to survival. In stark contrast, Affton School District is on the move. Test scores are improving dramatically, the academic climate is focused, and our students are involved and committed. We have seen a proactive improvement to our curriculum and a number of initiatives aimed at engaging and preparing students for a successful future.Even while we labor through a very rough economic period, we continue to see the character of Affton shine through. The truth is that the legacy of an active community will last far longer than any city hall. We see this in the class of 2011. Congratulations!Published originally in the Affton School District Channel

Written by Michael McNeil

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