Mesnier Elementary principal to take over as Affton superintendent

“The Affton School District’s new superintendent will be a familiar face to parents of students at Mesnier Elementary and plenty of others around the district.

Steve Brotherton, 49, is being promoted from Mesnier principal to district superintendent, effective July 1.

The hiring fills a void created by the 2010 retirement of former superintendent Don Francis.

Francis’ interim replacement, Ken Weissflug, will remain as Brotherton’s assistant.

Brotherton came to Affton last year after working for five years as an assistant superintendent in the neighboring Bayless School District.

Prior to that he spent 17 years as a teacher and principal in the Mehlville School District.

Though he’s worked in the Affton School District for a single year, Brotherton’s ties to the community are deep.

He and his wife, Mary, have lived in Affton for 15 years.

Their sons, Justin and Sam, are Affton graduates.

“It’s really been very rewarding working here,” Brotherton said. “K-2 elementary is a pretty joyful place to work. Every day I get six to 10 hugs.”

As superintendent, Brotherton said he will devote much attention to classroom-level instruction.

He also promised to watch the district’s bottom line.

“With the state of the economy, you always have financial concerns,” he said. “We need to utilize our resources in the best way possible.”

Brotherton said he’s excited to lead his home district.

“It’s like a small town, but big enough to have everything,” he said. “Kids can play for teams and clubs. In a bigger district, you might not always be able to participate.

“You have a sense of community, but you’re right in the middle of the big city. You get to see your neighbors at the grocery store.”

When not working, Brotherton said he relaxes by cooking, running and gardening.

Board of Education President Michael McNeil said Brotherton’s leadership style was an ideal fit. He praised his ability to build consensus.

“That’s the kind of leadership our district needs,” McNeil said.

McNeil said he was not surprised by Brotherton’s elevation after just one year.

Brotherton signed a two-year contract paying him $165,000 annually.

Brotherton earned a doctorate in educational leadership from Saint Louis University.”

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Printed in the Suburban Journal on April 20, 2011

Article by Chris Campbell

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