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Originally published in the St Louis Business Journal as an Advertising Supplement, January 24-30, 2000


Working in the “convergence space”, Sonacom is uniquely positioned to help companies to go beyond standard telephone-based customer service and take full advantage of richly functional new communications environments. “What we offer can be classified as next-generation call center technology,” says Jeannie Martin, Sonacom’s specialist in Computer Telephony and CTI. “But it turns out that companies that would never think of themselves as running call centers will be able to use these new applications to great effect.”


By: Interactive Intelligence Inc.

Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) is a good example of an all-in-one communications solution using a single platform to process interactions across media types. EIC’s support of customer contact points include the telephone, web self-service, email, chat, voicemail, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and fax. Applications run on one Windows NT communications server, effectively replacing such propriety devices as PBXs, ACDs, IVRs, voicemail systems, fax servers, voice loggers, web gateways and CTI middleware systems. Developed by Interactive Intelligence, EIC can be purchased through Sonacom, one of the company’s premier partners.

“Companies that compete on their ability to serve and satisfy customers have to see this system,” says Martin. “The Web enabling features are breathtaking. I came out of the healthcare industry, and there’s no question that EIC will answer the need for true ‘high-touch high-tech’ so prevalent in this industry.”

EIC provides the missing customer care ingredient for e-commerce, with its web chat and collaboration, web callback and Voice Over Net (VON) features. And these come in addition to more familiar professional call center applications such as skills-based call routing and predictive dialing. It’s all there–fully integrated on the familiar Windows platform, so it’s easy to administer and supervise. “This is not ‘bleeding edge’ technology,” says Martin. “We began using the EIC system in our office at Sonacom in December, and found that learning the system was astonishingly easy. We cut over on a Friday, and after a 45 minute training session, we were up to speed on Monday morning.” Interactive Intelligence has installed EIC at over 350 customer sites worldwide. Sonacom has been running live EIC demos virtually every week. People interested in learning more about EIC can reach Sonacom at 314.781.1700.

HIGH TECH DISEASE MANAGEMENT USING EIC, Greensboro, NC and Indianapolis, IN (December 13, 1999)

Accordant Health Services, Inc., a leading provider of expert systems-driven disease management programs for complex, chronic diseases, has deployed Interactive Intelligence’s Enterprise Interaction Center’s (EIC) real time web communication option into its clinical call center.
Patients can go online, and without picking up the phone, communicate directly with a nurse in the clinical call center by initiating a real-time one-on-one chat session. The web chat option lets patients connect directly with a professional who specializes in their condition.

“Accordant’s innovative EIC application introduces a unique intersection between the clinical call center and the Internet, giving health care customers new self-service options and making it more convenient for them to access live nurses,” stated Steve Schelhammer, Accordant’s President and CEO. With the unification of telephone, fax, e-mail, and web chat, call center-based nurses process phone calls, faxes and e-mail–right from their desktop PC’s. This fully automated, open communications system also seamlessly links with Accordant’s disease information database to offer patients the following online options:
* Online personal health assessment tools
* One-on-one web chat sessions with call center-based disease management nurses
* Interaction with other Internet community members and experts via chats, message boards, “ask the expert” sessions and live forums
* Access to rich disease-specific libraries and other relevant content

Schelhammer adds that Accordant has created a rich, interactive environment designed to address patients’ specific learning and health management goals as well as their individualized communications preferences. EIC allows Accordant nurses to handle both inbound and outbound calls, as well as live web chats, resulting in more effective and efficient customer service. For more information about the Enterprise Interaction Center call 314.781.1700 or visit our website at


The promise of the convergence of voice over data networks has always been simplification and cost reduction. One “pipe,” one bill–and greatly reduced toll charges for enterprise telephone services. The introduction of the Enterprise Edge from Nortel Networks delivers the benefits of consolidation, plus the ability to build customer focus right into your communications infrastructure.

Those of us who provide complex services to busy people know how important it can be not to miss a call. Moreover, because service is so important, any little thing that makes customers feel more welcome is something you want to take advantage of. With Enterprise Edge, you can customize call management daily and even hourly to reflect special circumstances. The Windows-based programmability of Enterprise Edge gives your phone system a degree of professionalism and efficiency that many call centers would envy.

Advertising agencies, consulting firms, financial advisors…firms with more than one office, and individuals who require extra attention to the needs of their key clients and customers will love this product.

Capitalize on Trends in the Marketplace

Trend setting options, such as “virtual offices” for sales people and employees seeking flexible work environments, are easy to set up and easy to manage. Perhaps the greatest return on functionality (ROF) will be experienced by organizations with branch offices, widely distributed sales forces or operations in multiple locations.

Larger enterprises with remote or outlet branch locations, such as retailers and banks, that currently deploy a number of redundant, parallel communication systems, can unify their networks and simplify branch administration with Enterprise Edge. Indeed, companies that have delayed implementation of an enterprise resource plan (ERP) because of high infrastructure investment costs may find that Enterprise Edge can make such migration both possible and affordable.

Faster, Simpler, Better Communications

Realize the potential of creating a true “digital nervous system” for your company as you consolidate voice and data technologies and capitalize on the migration to Windows 2000. All these benefits can be achieved with the flexibility of the open systems, Enterprise Edge platform architecture.

Sonacom IT Partners, Your Single Source for Enterprise Edge

As the premier multi-technology integrator in our market, we are proud to have been selected to be the exclusive partner reseller of the Enterprise Edge in the greater Missouri marketplace. To schedule a demonstration, call us at 1.800.SONACOM, or visit us at

Teleconferencing, Video Conferencing And Web-Enabled Collaboration Technology

Hours spent in the car…in airports…on planes…weekends curtailed or lost entirely. All because of important meetings that require you to be there…with clients, corporate managers or other professionals. It’s our contention that the productivity revolution in America today is just getting started. Video conferencing and Web-enabled multimedia are at a point of transforming corporate communications–between offices across town or across the country. Companies–and especially the people who run them–will realize the immediate benefits of reduced travel, enriched internal dialogue and increased personal productivity.

From dynamic conferences where team members can “white-board” ideas electronically in real time between far-flung locations, to the indispensable impact of sight and sound on organizational morale and teamwork, there are few limits to what can be accomplished by people with imagination and the right technology.

When You Need Real Time, Power Communications Call for Sonacom A/V Interactive

Conferencing with today’s collaboration technology involves systems that support real time interaction and shared media. These require expertise in more than one technology, know-how you can call on when you need it. No one in the greater St. Louis marketplace offers a better understanding of today’s presentation and collaboration technology. With more than a decade in the business, Sonacom AVI professionals have mastered the multiple technologies that bring together these advanced, corporate communications systems.

Only Sonacom AVI Services Brings You All These:

* AVI Pathfinder collaboration technology planning services
* Best-of-class audio/visual and multi-media equipment configured to work flawlessly
* Custom integrated collaboration rooms, equipped for reliable real time performance
* Optional Sonacom Sustained Quality Support (SQS) for the life of your installation

Sonacom’s team of AV professionals, systems engineers and factory certified technicians are skilled practitioners of all the constituent technologies that enable collaboration room integration: pro sound, video and the network technology that supports them. The list of companies and institutions that have chosen Sonacom to provide boardroom and training integration are among the leaders in the St. Louis region. We will gladly provide references upon request.

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