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Who invented the tablet?


My article titled “Who really invented the Smartphone“, posted a year ago continues to draw a lot of traffic. I thought it might be appropriate to tackle the newest member of geekdom to garner public fascination, the tablet. It really surprises me when I see very educated people blindly associating invention with whatever is currently […]

Who really invented the Smartphone?


Here on the 20th anniversary of the first smartphone, I thought it appropriate to write about the long revised history of one this cultures most used tools. This funny little device many of use every day, the smartphone, is considered by some to be “my precious”. To whom do we owe the gratitude for this […]

Who owns you?

Ball and Chain

This is an excellent article by Adrian Short. It accurately points out the quiet disappearance of any privacy on the web. With so much control going to what he refers to as the “Big Web” it will be facinating to watch. The translation of this power to the real world is something we have never […]