Archive | January, 2014

Beware of Prototyping


There are many threats to a successful software development project. While prototyping seems on the surface to be a 100% wholesome and good thing, it does need to be used wisely and be properly qualified, or it can become one of those threats. Like other aspects of project development, prototyping needs to be done well […]

Who invented the Smartwatch?


It is finally time for the next “Who Invented?” installment. This time we will be looking at the history and origin of the Smartwatch. The wearable technology sector is a heavy point of innovation right now partially because of my generation. You can read the previous articles in this series here: Who really invented the […]

Leaders vs. Entropy


The other day my wife made a funny word association looking at our company‚Äôs timesheets. She commented that the category “Misc Management” looked an awful lot like “Mismanagement”. This got me thinking. I should clarify that what I am writing has nothing to do with that particular use of Misc Management, it is an appropriate […]

Traditional Project Management is Dead


The discipline just does not know it yet. When I speak of traditional project management, I mean a very rigid approach where the end is predetermined, with a level of specificity to allow for detailed estimates, and schedules. This can be the construction of a building, or the management of an election campaign where massive […]

What Education is getting Right


If you read my writings you know I am passionate about this upcoming generation. I personally invest in them as I have the opportunity. I also serve our public education system as an elected board member. There are many critics of the public schools, I would like to focus on what I see them doing […]