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Christians and Public Service


Disclaimer: This article is specifically written to Christians, proceed at your own risk. If you choose to proceed you may find words that do not make sense and statements that appear foolish. Christ calls us to: Love God with all of our heart. Love our neighbors as ourselves. If Christ is the foundation upon which […]

A Study in Humility Phase 2


Back in 2011, when I started converging my writings in a blog, I felt it was important to start off with a focus on humility. The years since have been fascinating. Looking back I can see some areas in which I have grown. I am also able to see more clearly aspects of my life […]

2014 Guide to Chromebook Apps


One of the challenges when entering the Chrome ecosystem is the lack of familiar names and products. The go-to apps on a Chromebook are not the normal fare, and for good reason. Apps on a Chromebook exist in collaboration with the internet at a very deep level. On other platforms, internet goodness is considered a […]

The Fix for Student Transfer

Screenshot 2013-12-16 at 9.13.27 PM

A lot of money has been spent this last year dealing with the Student Transfer challenge. I am currently on the board at EducationPlus (formerly CSD, Cooperating School Districts). EducationPlus administered the transfer program this year. Living closely with the consequences of this program has given rise to some good ideas. These are clearly listed […]

Using JIRA: Be a Winner not a Loser!


When using a tool like JIRA to curate your project management processes it is important to use it effectively. It is very easy to move off of the “happy” path and into the weeds that cycle a project into chaos. I want to touch on a few of the pitfalls and also highlight a couple […]