Board Denounces “Everything Tax”

“The Affton School Board followed the lead of dozens of public school districts across the state by passing a resolution in opposition to what some have derisively dubbed “The Everything Tax.”

The resolution stated that the tax – a proposed consumption tax that would replace the state income tax – would “make Missouri’s already bad budget situation even worse” and “likely cut state funding to the Affton District and other school districts throughout the state, harming the quality of education we are able to provide our students.”

The resolution further urged district voters not to sign petitions that would place the consumption tax – which proponents call “The Fair Tax” – on the November ballot.

Board member Susan Casaleggi prevailed upon her colleagues to insert language to the effect that “the board believes” the consumption tax will have negative consequences, rather than “stating it as fact.” She also wanted to scratch the line that asks voters not to sign ballot petitions, but that phrase remained in the final resolution, which passed unanimously.”

Printed in the South County Times on February 24, 2012

Article by Joe Leicht

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