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A Very Personal Relationship

Jefferson Bible

After reading an article in this October’s Smithsonian1 magazine my mind has been racing with the truth woven in the fabric of its subject matter. The article was on Jefferson’s Bible and the points touched upon are profound to me. Jefferson is obviously recognized as a founding father of our country, he is memorialized and […]

Excellence in Education


One of the many challenges we have in public education is complacency. I truly believe that most teachers enter the profession for the right reasons. They want to make a difference, they want to impact the lives of children, and they want to shape our society‚Äôs future. This has been proven over and over again […]

Who owns you?

Ball and Chain

This is an excellent article by Adrian Short. It accurately points out the quiet disappearance of any privacy on the web. With so much control going to what he refers to as the “Big Web” it will be facinating to watch. The translation of this power to the real world is something we have never […]

Creation’s Healing Power


Recently I have really been a bit down and almost depressed. I have been somewhat ineffective in my work, strong stresses within my school board, and some family issues all had me discouraged. It was very tempting to just sit in a dark room and read, watch tv and just basicly “cave”. A very male […]