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Giving Your Intelligence Away

Social Networking

Social networking is now the norm for a majority of Americans. I have talked about some of the relational and social implications of this previously. Living life in the cloud is very convenient, there is a lack of intimacy that is almost numbing. People say things online they would never say in person, and this […]

The Price of Privacy

Google Latitude

Recent generations are placing less and less value on privacy. Increasingly intimate social networking systems are coming into play. Where is the limit? Or will we simply stop having any limits at all? The chaos that comes with a lack of rules and social mores is a consequence I hope we can avert. The first […]

Who owns you?

Ball and Chain

This is an excellent article by Adrian Short. It accurately points out the quiet disappearance of any privacy on the web. With so much control going to what he refers to as the “Big Web” it will be facinating to watch. The translation of this power to the real world is something we have never […]