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Professional Christians


In building my current business venture I was revisiting some of the business culture writings I have read in the past. I have been pushing my staff to be professionals, to focus on goals and results instead of rote tasks. To understand the overall objective and achieve it, to look for success in serving our […]

New Hints of Class Warfare


I was heading north from West Palm Beach on the Florida Turnpike–possibly the epicenter of American vacationland. This artery begins in orange groves, touches upon Orlando and Disney, and extends almost to the Everglades, providing access to some of the most extensive beach developments in Florida. Astonishingly, the tollgates read “Cash Not Accepted” at many […]

Avoiding The Angst


I believe I am personally called to “Love God” and to “Love Others”. This is a personal conviction I have and one I sincerely hope I have instilled in my children. This calling is lived out in many ways. In loving or helping other people it is very easy to go too far and connect […]

The Dark Secret


It often frustrates me that we are unwilling to talk about the dark struggles we have as people. Typically it is some sort of addictive behavior that we desperately want to escape from, yet we do not want anyone to know. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble but we all have struggled with some behavior that […]

Refusing To Be A god


You did not have to be a Cardinals fan to enjoy the game last night. Game 3 in the World Series, and one of the best players ever to play simply takes over the game. What a joy to watch and what an example of humility followed. We watched him with intent focus dismantle three […]



When we hear the term entitlement, many of us automatically think of welfare and government checks. We have an image of people living in delapidated housing, drinking too much and buying cupcakes with their unearned money. This may be representative of a small percentage of those receiving government help, but we are fools if we […]