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A Dangerous Disconnect


The Communication Gap Between Education and The Tax Payers Any time a critical institution loses the trust of its constituency there can be severe consequences. The current lack of communication between family-focused Americans and the schools that educate their kids is staggering. It is difficult being in a position where I can understand both sides, […]

MSBA 2012 Highlights

msba 2012

I am attending the Missouri School Board Association’s annual conference and I am a bit overwhelmed by the volume of quality information being presented. I have been attending this conference as an exhibitor, presenter or participant since the mid 1990’s, and the last couple of years have been the most relevant that I have experienced. […]

The Fix for Technical Education


Most engineers in my generation will not have direct experience with what I will be describing, and that is the shame of technical education in the latter part of the 20th century. Early last century the progression into a productive career was clear. You needed to walk yourself down to a business that built things, […]