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MSBA 2012 Highlights

msba 2012

I am attending the Missouri School Board Association’s annual conference and I am a bit overwhelmed by the volume of quality information being presented. I have been attending this conference as an exhibitor, presenter or participant since the mid 1990’s, and the last couple of years have been the most relevant that I have experienced. […]

New Hints of Class Warfare


I was heading north from West Palm Beach on the Florida Turnpike–possibly the epicenter of American vacationland. This artery begins in orange groves, touches upon Orlando and Disney, and extends almost to the Everglades, providing access to some of the most extensive beach developments in Florida. Astonishingly, the tollgates read “Cash Not Accepted” at many […]

The Fix for Technical Education


Most engineers in my generation will not have direct experience with what I will be describing, and that is the shame of technical education in the latter part of the 20th century. Early last century the progression into a productive career was clear. You needed to walk yourself down to a business that built things, […]