Big Smiles Program Coming To Affton School District

“Affton School Board Member Michael McNeil presented a plan to fellow board members on June 16 to bring the Big Smiles program to Affton schools.

Big Smiles brings free dental checkups to schools to provide basic dental care for those who cannot afford it.

The program, primarily funded by Medicare and grants, will be of no cost to the district. The board approved the program, first suggested by the school nurse at Rogers Middle School. The program would begin in the 2009-2010 school year.

Big Smiles requires only that the district provide 180 square feet of space two to three times per year for the program’s dentists to use. Big Smiles brings in its own water, dentists and equipment. It offers checkups and cleanings only.

Administrators said Hancock School District uses the Big Smiles program and has had success.”

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Printed in the South County Times on June 19, 2009

Article by Anna C. Forder

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